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Comic Book Tropes: The Circus of Crime

For this week’s episode of “Because Comics,” I ended up re-reading the original six issues of “The Incredible Hulk” (because they are just so bananas), and noticed something odd… In one of the issues, the Hulk fights an evil gang of circus folk, and I realized that circuses show up a LOT in comic books, and that most of your favorite heroes have fought an evil gang of circus folk at some time or another.

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And It Begins…

Hi, everyone! Not sure what to write here, but my name is Mike, and this is my first post! I hope you’ll join me as I figure out what sort of blog this will—

Yeah, okay, you know what? This is a fairly cliche way to start a blog. Basic, obvious first post. So instead, and in honor of this being my first post, here’s a picture from Daredevil #1, written by Mark Waid, and drawn by Paolo Rivera.

So, yeah. Welcome to my Tumblr.

– Mike

EDIT: This blog began on Tumblr, and when I started this website I migrated all of these posts over onto the supergeekmike.com page – thus why I weirdly refer to this blog as my Tumblr in this post.