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Because Comics Podcast on the Front Page of the iTunes Store!

The podcast I do with Jay Jones, Because Comics, just hit the front page of the iTunes Store last night!

Because Comics iTunes Podcasts Front Page highlighted

It’s incredibly exciting to see the podcast up there, next to names like Nerdist, Kevin Smith, IGN and the official Marvel podcast, among others! So if you’re on your way down to San Diego Comic Con, and looking for something to listen to, I definitely suggest you check out the Because Comics Podcast – and please leave us a review, and help more people find the show!

You can find more podcasts and other content at PartialArc.comand you can follow us on Twitter at @because_comics

Comic Book Tropes: The Circus of Crime

For this week’s episode of “Because Comics,” I ended up re-reading the original six issues of “The Incredible Hulk” (because they are just so bananas), and noticed something odd… In one of the issues, the Hulk fights an evil gang of circus folk, and I realized that circuses show up a LOT in comic books, and that most of your favorite heroes have fought an evil gang of circus folk at some time or another.

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Because Comics, Episode 1 – Sex, Mermaids, and Captain America

 photo Because_Comics_Episode_1-7_zps78f9ef71.jpg

The first episode of my new podcast is live! In this episode, I spend a whole bunch of time talking about Captain America comics from the ’70s, specifically that time Cap fought a very thinly veiled allegory for Watergate. If you enjoy the sound of my own voice as much as I do, then please check out the episode on the Partial Arc website.

We’re not up on iTunes yet, but hopefully very soon – and we’ll have more content on the way shortly! Be sure to listen and let us know what you think!