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Zack Snyder Still Doesn’t Understand What He Did Wrong In “Man of Steel”


Much has been written about Zack Snyder’s “Man of Steel,” specifically the climax. We don’t need to re-tread this territory… or, at least, I didn’t think we did. But apparently Zack Snyder, in the past three years, has learned nothing.

First, this excerpt from a recent interview:
Snyder was mystified when someone told him that they couldn’t think of a movie in recent memory that’s had as much collateral damage as “Man of Steel.” “I went, really? And I said, well, what about [‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’]?” the director says. “In ‘Star Wars’ they destroy five planets with billions of people on them. That’s gotta be one of the highest death toll movies in history, the new ‘Star Wars’ movie, if you just do the math.” [via Wall Street Journal]

A couple of things – first, he gives this anecdote as if this is a conversation he had with someone, or at the very least something he has been thinking about actively since “Star Wars” came out, which means this is a RECENT story. This isn’t his reaction in the aftermath of “Man of Steel” and its critical reception – he’s reacting to the fact that “Star Wars” didn’t get called out for what he perceives as the same thing, mass destruction.

However, it’s also clear that he STILL entirely misses the point of why people are upset.

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