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Why I Game – The Star Wars Comparison

This year is the 40th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons. So, in celebration of that, and in light of the fact that D&D is releasing a new edition this summer, I’m posting some stories I have of playing Dungeons and Dragons and other roll-playing games.

 photo advancedDnDPlayersHandbook1_zpsea0dde93.jpg

This week, I’m taking a break from telling stories about my past to give just a bit more context about what it’s like to play a role-playing game. The easiest shorthand to explain the game, of course, is to compare the game to popular movies or TV shows that others are familiar with. When I’m trying to recruit new players, I’ll often say, “It’s like Legend of Zelda, but one guy is the video game and he explains everything you see and everyone you meet and fight,” or “It’s like Lord of the Rings, but even weirder and more awesome.”

The best analogy to describe actual game play, however, is to say “It’s exactly like Star Wars: A New Hope.”

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