Why I Game – List of Adventuring Company Sample Names

The scene is familiar: the DM begins describing the adventure, and your characters come together. Maybe you decide your characters have been traveling together for a long time, or you are thrown together by the events of the story, but for whatever reason, you have a group of heroes – and most groups are going to need a name…

Think about the groups of heroes you like on TV and in movies, and in novels and comics: The Avengers. The Justice League. The Fellowship of the Ring. Dumbledore’s Army. The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. The Impossible Missions Force. The Magnificent Seven (I’m not sure they were ever called that in the movie, but I’m still counting it).
Many of these groups get their names from the context of how the group came together, what their mission is, or who their members are.

If you’re looking for inspiration, I’ve put together a list of possible group names, which can help jump-start your own imagination:

  • The Steel Hydras
  • The Silver Hippogryphs
  • The Black Glove of Anubis
  • Hera’s Tears
  • The Rabid Possums
  • Macguffins, Ltd.
  • The Wayfaring Strangers
  • Valiant, Inc.
  • Blood of the Gordon
  • The Green Hand
  • The Tomb Raiders
  • The Order of the Obsidian Flame
  • The King’s Ransom
  • The Golden Guardians
  • Dragonfire, Inc.
  • Path of the Righteous Man
  • Hellraisers for Hire
  • Band of the Crimson Lion
  • Company of Champions
  • The Covenant of the Shield
  • Crusaders of the Everlasting Chalice
  • The Iron Fang
  • The Sapphire Guard
  • The Azure Guild
  • Goblincleavers
  • The Redcrest Five
  • Necessary Chaotic Neutral
  • Magic Item and Artifact Retrieval Specialists
  • The Dungeon Delvers
  • Brave Crusaders
  • Daring Champions
  • Brotherhood of Valor

Here are a few other names I’ve used in my own groups over the years:

  • The Silver Hydras
  • Hippogryphs for Hire
  • The Four Feathers
  • Moose Hunters – Someone asked our group what we were doing in town, and my character just shouted “Moose hunting!” That was it. That was the whole lie.

If you need some more inspiration, the Image Comic series “Rat Queens” has a few different adventuring groups in it:

  • Rat Queens
  • Peaches
  • Four Daves
  • Brother Ponies
  • Obsidian Darkness

Also, Acquisitions, Incorporated is, in my opinion, the best adventuring group name. It’s also taken, and used regularly on the official D&D podcast.

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