Two Years of Blogging!

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It’s been two years since I first posted on my Tumblr and got this whole “blogging about nerdy stuff” thing going… because, you know, before that, there wasn’t anybody on the internet blogging about nerdy stuff. And this isn’t the anniversary of this website, just the Tumblr blog it spawned from. Anyway… happy birthday to me!

This is been a very self-indulgent post.

Why I Game – Playing In Other Systems (Part Two)

This year is the 40th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons. So, in celebration of that, and in light of the fact that D&D is releasing a new edition this summer, I’m posting some stories I have of playing Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games.

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Last time, I discussed a few of the systems my group has run campaigns in, namely “Necessary Evil” and “Warhammer 40K.” This week, I’m going to focus on the setting we spent all of 2013 in: “Unknown Armies.”

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