Why I Game – The Campaign I Missed

This year is the 40th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons. So, in celebration of that, and in light of the fact that D&D is releasing a new edition this summer, I’m posting some stories I have of playing Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games.

 photo RedHandofDoom_zps78881e28.jpg

For my previous entries in this series, I’ve discussed my first D&D campaign, which I clearly still remember very vividly. However, our very next campaign was “Red Hand of Doom,” and I remember almost nothing about that one, because I missed just about every session.

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What Death Means in Film, or How the Coolest Character in ‘Pacific Rim’ Ruins the Movie [Opinion]

My friend and roommate Jeffrey recently showed me Pacific Rim for the first time (I missed it in theaters). For the most part, I thought it was fun – I mean, it was overwrought and cliché, and I didn’t care about any of the characters, but I went in expecting big, dumb, goofy robot / monster fights, and that’s what I enjoyed about the film.

And one character, more than any other, summed up the big, dumb, goofy fun aspect of the film – Hannibal Chau, played by the great Ron Perlman.

 photo RonPerlmanPacificRimHannibalChau_zps6aeae4fe.jpg

For those who haven’t seen it, some minor spoilers for the film follow.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Recap – A Brief Hiatus

Some of you might have noticed that we haven’t had a new “Clone Wars” recap last week or this week, and there’s a few reasons for that. The first is, quite frankly, things have been very busy at work and I’ve fallen behind – that’s why last week was so light on content. I’ve also had some internet issues at home, which makes the “Clone Wars” recaps very challenging to put together. And on top of all that, I’ve ALSO been working on an additional project on the side; it’s still a few months out, but I think you guys are all really going to enjoy it – but that’s also been fairly all-consuming lately.

The main reason we’re not getting a new installment today, however, is that it’s Memorial Day, and I honestly think it’s more important that we just take this day to remember the fallen soldiers who have fought and died for our country. And on a day like this, which is so important to remember, I didn’t really want to commemorate it with this guy:

 photo 108bombad-jedi_zps911e6133.png

Don’t worry, we’ll be back next week with all the Jar Jar action you could ever want. Probably more than you could ever want, actually. Much, much more.

Anyway, happy Memorial Day, everybody – hope you all have a lovely and safe holiday.