Why I Game – The Stupidest Character Decision I’ve Ever Seen (Part 4)

This year is the 40th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons. So, in celebration of that, and in light of the fact that D&D is releasing a new edition this summer, I’m posting some stories I have of playing Dungeons and Dragons and other roll-playing games.


Last time, I talked a bit about how important your allies are in a game like Dungeons and Dragons, and how you learn to work together and have each other’s back. Today, I’m going to throw all of that out the window and tell you about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen a player character do in-game.

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This was after we fought the goblins at the tower of the necromancer. During that fight, 2 characters, Ceos and Teya, had been rendered unconscious by a mysterious blue flash… this was because the players had been absent for that session. When the next session resumed, we learned that some other people were affected by the same blue flash… and some of them were dying…

We were on the road when we discovered a glowing mass of thorns, which started attacking us psychically. It took over two of them, Ceos and Roth, who walked up to the bush, which offered two seeds. Ceos ate one, vomited, and sprung up and grabbed the other.

This is where it gets bad. See, the plant was telling them that it had fallen through time from a dark future, and wanted us to prevent that terrible fate. It also said that it was dying, but its seeds would help heal Teya from the effects of the blue flash. It’s worth pointing out at this point that Ceos and Roth were not being controlled by the plant, just communicating with it psychically; they still had their free will. This means he ate the seed of a glowing bush made of living thorns because because the bush told him to do so.

They took the other seed, and tried to force Teya to eat it. The rest of us charged to stop them, but Roth fired a color-spray at us to knock us out (my character Calvin, true to form, was the only one hit). This led to some shouting and yelling, until Teya finally agreed to eat the seed. The rest of us (not me, I was unconscious) pointed out that this was the dumbest, most reckless thing she could do, but she did it anyway.

Credit where credit is due, she felt better, they didn’t die, and it turns out this gave Ceos and Teya the ability to speak telepathically with each other at almost any distance. Plus, we got a helpful prophecy about the end of the world. With such positive results, could this really still be said to be the dumbest decision ever?

Yes. They ate the seeds of a magic time bush made of psychic thorns. This was an ill-advised decision.


Based on the cover for New Avengers: Illuminati #2, by Jim Cheung. I call this one “The Seeds of Mistrust.”

Quick side-note – two of our other characters agreed that, if Ceos or Teya started acting funny, they would kill them. I don’t have any sort of foreshadowing to offer or anything, that didn’t end up happening. It just helps reinforce the whole “seeds of mistrust” thing.

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